Code of Conduct

Navarro County Alternative Educational Program
Code of Conduct

Discipline will be based upon:

    • Critical assessment of the circumstances of each case

    • The seriousness of the offense

    • The frequency of the misconduct

    • The student’s attitude

    • The potential effect of the misconduct upon the school environment

A student who becomes disruptive and does not control his/her behavior may be:

    • Moved to a transition room

    • Must earn permission to return to the classroom by agreeing to follow the rules and demonstrating cooperative behavior

The following conduct may result in disciplinary consequence:   

   1.  Violations of the dress/grooming code

  1. Acts of disrespect or threats toward others

  2. Bullying

  3. Cheating

  4. Stealing

  5. Possession/use of tobacco products on school property

  6. Possession/use of an alcoholic beverage or controlled substance on school property

  7. Abuse of public property

  8. Promotion of or participation in enticing disorderly conduct

  9. Failure to abide by rules in/on the premises (including riding in assigned seat, talking, etc. on the bus)

  10. In addition, the Student Code of Conduct (SCOC) of the home campus will apply while in attendance at DAEP.