Student Dress Code

Navarro County Alternative Educational Program
Dress Code

DRESS CODE (Alternative Students)

The student will follow the published NCAEP dress code.  Upon arrival students’ pockets must be empty, no money, cell phones, wallets, trinkets, jewelry may be brought on campus.

   All students:

  • Shirts to be worn by boys – white or gray  

  • Shirts to be worn by girls - REQUIRED to wear gray or black

  • Shirts are to be free of logos, decorations, pictures, or writing.         No V-neck shirts.

  • Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather and classroom temperature; therefore, they may wear a plain white or gray sweatshirt with no hood, zippers, or pockets over their shirt.

  • Will wear clothing with no rips, holes, dragging or torn bottoms.

  • Will wear plain jeans or slacks with NO studs or embroidery.

  • Will wear a black or brown belt (NO studs or decorations on belt / Trophy belt buckles will NOT be allowed.

  • Will wear pants appropriately at the waist.

  • Will wear clothing that covers the entire torso and the shirt will be tucked in so that the belt is revealed at all times.

  • Will not wear sweat pants, wind pants, or shorts.

  • Will not have exposed tattoos, hickeys, body markings, piercings or scaring.

  • Will not wear jewelry, watches, nail polish, fake nails, or make-up.

  • Will not wear see-through or form fitting clothes (skinny jeans).

  • Will wear shoes laced appropriately.  All shoes must be closed-toe.

NO sandals, slides, flip flops, house shoes, or boots (Uggs, etc.).

  • Will not wear facial hair.   No side burns below earlobe.

  • Will not have hair falling in face; girls will wear white or black hair scrunchies, hair must be natural color; no head coverings, bandanas, or rags; no gel, mouse, or oil for hair, or hair extensions.

  • Hair designs cut, shaved, gelled, or shaped into the hair are prohibited.

  • Will hang jackets or sweaters as they enter the building.

All students shall be dressed according to the dress code from the time they board the bus in the morning until they leave in the afternoon. Braids may be worn straight back only.  Any clothing, grooming style, or accessory deemed inappropriate by the Principal will not be permitted. A student whose clothing violates the dress code may be suspended for the remainder of the day, or assigned additional days.

As you know, being clean is a part of being healthy, therefore:

If the principal determines that a student’s hygiene, grooming, or clothing violates the school’s dress code, the student will be given an opportunity to correct the problem. If not corrected, the student may be suspended until the problem is corrected, or until a parent or designee has a conference with the campus principal.