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TEKS Resource System (TCMPC)


Texas Curriculum Management Program Resources(TCMPC) - TEKS Resource System is a customizable online curriculum management system aligned with the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). The Resource System includes high quality curriculum and assessment components to assist schools in meeting the high standard of rigor and relevance required in the TEKS and in STAAR assessments. 

All of the system’s content is aligned to the most current versions of the Texas State Board of Education-adopted TEKS for the following subject areas:

       o   English Language Arts and Reading (grades K-12)

       o   Mathematics (grades K-12)

       o   Science (grades K-12)

       o   Social Studies (grades K-12)

       o   Spanish Language Arts and Reading (grades K-5)

       o   Spanish translated versions of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies (grades K-5)

How To Access The Information

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1302 SW McKinney, Rice, TX 75155
Administration - Phone: 903.326.4287 Fax: 903.326.4164
Elementary - Phone: 903.326.4151 Fax: 903.326.4900
Intermediate - Phone: 903.326.4190 Fax: 903.326.4620
High School - Phone 903.326.4502 Fax: 903.326.5042

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