To refer your student to the Gifted and Talented program, please download the packet here:

English Parent Referral Packet

Spanish Parent Referral Packet

For More Information Contact:

Cheryl Huitt

Elementary: 903.326.4151

Intermediate/Middle:  903.326.4190

For More Information Contact:

Janis Wensowitch

Elementary: 903.326.4151

The basic goals of the Rice Independent School District are to prepare our students to live in and adapt to an ever-changing complex future and to provide knowledge base on which to build lifelong learning.  We recognize that some students possess exceptional abilities to create, to achieve, and to understand ideas beyond their years. Other students possess untapped potential for creativity, achievement, and understanding.  Through the Gifted and Talented Program, our goal is to guide students to sharpen their abilities and to motivate students to tap into their unrealized potential.

The goals and objectives of the program for gifted/talented will focus on general intellectual abilities and divergent thinking processes and will allow for independent study and in-depth research on the part of the student.  Emphasis and opportunities will vary within the core curriculum with depth, complexity, and appropriate pacing added. At the elementary level (grades K-5), the program will emphasize a multi-disciplinary approach and curriculum in grades 6-12 will have differentiated activities and materials in various disciplines.  


Cheryl Huitt

District Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Janis Wensowitch is the GT teacher at Rice Elementary.  The GT program offers an exciting variety of educational topics which motivates the students to enhance their creativity and leadership skills.. Through the use of technology, students are actively engaged in their creative thinking and  problem solving skills. FASTT Math, Comic Book Maker, ScratchJr., Sushi Monster and Learning A-Z  are some of the apps used to create fun and educational projects for the GT students.

Gifted and Talented Program

1302 SW McKinney, Rice, TX 75155
Administration - Phone: 903.326.4287 Fax: 903.326.4164
Elementary - Phone: 903.326.4151 Fax: 903.326.4900
Intermediate - Phone: 903.326.4190 Fax: 903.326.4620
High School - Phone 903.326.4502 Fax: 903.326.5042

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