Teacher incentive allotment APPROVED

Teacher Incentive Allotment
Teacher Incentive AllotmentRice ISD Approved for Teacher Incentive Allotment Funds

Rice ISD was recently approved to receive additional funding from TEA for their most qualified and effective teachers. HB3 allows districts to apply for and receive funding for these educators. It also allows the district to recruit the best of the best.

“The application process was not an easy task, but we simply could not pass up the opportunity for some of our teachers to earn up to an additional $32,000 a year,” said Amy Harvell, Rice ISD Superintendent.

The Teacher Incentive Allotment Plan allows teachers to earn either a Recognized, Exemplary, or Master Designation. These are based on several standards including Teacher Performance, Student Achievement, and Leadership Practices. Any certified teacher in the district who meets this criteria is eligible for one of these designations. Teachers at the Recognized Designation could earn an extra $3,000 to $9,000, while Exemplary Designation Teachers could earn $6,000-$18,000. Master Designation Teachers are eligible for up to $32,000 each year.

“This opportunity is a win-win for Rice ISD. We can recruit and retain the best teachers in the profession, while increasing student outcomes,” added Harvell.