Meet Mrs. Henson

I am available at the Rice Elementary Campus to support our students and their families with their guidance and counseling needs.  My role is to provide social and emotional support while fostering a safe and caring environment for our RES students. I strive to empower our students to become successful and responsible citizens. As a vital member of your school leadership team, I work to create a school culture of success for all. 

Education:  I have a professional school counseling certification from Sam Houston State University, a MEd from Stephen F. Austin State University, & a BA in Education from Sam Houston State University.

How I Help

  • Social, emotional & academic support for the whole child
  • Small group counseling
  • Individual and crisis counseling
  • Monthly classroom guidance lessons teach ALL students basic life Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Effectiveness, Personal Health and Safety that are identified as essential for academic and personal success & self-confidence including the following:

Conflict Resolution

Decision-making, goal setting, planning and problem- solving

Communication Skills

Cross-cultural effectiveness

Responsible behavior

Positive Self-concept

Drug Prevention-Red Ribbon Week

Calming Room-tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings to support mental health

Resiliency & Coping skills

Suicide Prevention

Assertiveness Skills for Personal Protection

Bully Prevention & Cyberbullying

Career Exploration & Planning Skills

  • 504 Campus Coordinator
  • RTi Campus Coordinator
  • Consultation with parents and teachers

I am here to help you and your child!