Dean of students


My name is Kaden Pruit and I am so glad to be joining the Rice IMS faculty! I have been in education for 6 years, with my first 5 years at RiceHigh School and this year, joining the IMS family.

At Rice IMS, the role of the Dean of Students is to provide opportunities for students to  gain academic and social skills as well as create a plan for those who will be moving  over to high school in the near future. Additional responsibilities include planning and creating class schedules at the beginning of every school year. Throughout the school year, I will be offering small group opportunities and character education lessons for students to partake in.

My goal this year is to get to know the students as well as their families and build

up a relationship that allows us to work as a team and provide opportunities for

success in Rice ISD. I would like the parents/guardians to know that they are

welcome to meet and talk throughout the year as needed because I believe this is

the best way for us to build that team and do what is best for the students!


Kaden Pruit

Dean of Students

Rice Intermediate/Middle School