Dean of students

Meet Mrs. Pruit

Hi Bulldog Nation, I am the Dean of Students at Rice IMS. My job is to be able to support students during their time here and to provide opportunities for students to gain essential academic and social skills to utilize in their futures. I am here to help students plan for their futures as they move into the next grade level and transition to high school. Additional responsibilities that I have are to provide monthly character education lessons, small group lessons, and plan and create class schedules.
In addition to providing support and building a good rapport with students, I always strive to build relationships with the families that we serve at Rice IMS. Providing and developing positive relationships between families, students, and staff members is vital to student success. Monthly character education lessons will be based around different pillars of character in order to help every student have the opportunity for growth and build on skills that will help them socially and academically. The lesson topics and months that we will follow them are listed below:

Social Skills – Courage Social Skills - Respect Social Skills – Tolerance Social Skills - Integrity Self-Discipline Perseverance Good Judgement Social Skills – Kindness Citizenship



Kaden Pruit

 Dean of Students

Rice Intermediate/Middle School