Rice Bulldog Family,


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am thrilled to welcome you to Rice ISD, the Pride of Navarro County!


Rice ISD is a place where our students, faculty, staff, parents, and community members work together to create outstanding learning and working environments, a sense of unity and pride as members of the Bulldog Nation, and a common vision in our quest for educational excellence and community distinction.


By exemplifying the tenacious and courageous spirit of a Rice Bulldog, our students, administrators, teachers and staff members work diligently making progress toward goals set individually, campus wide and district wide in both academics and extracurricular activities and events. The progress made toward these goals, by overcoming substantial obstacles and roadblocks, has been unprecedented and the rewards have been history making. Our students, teachers, employees, parents, school board and community members have become real GAME CHANGERS in the lives of all RISD students.


Our students are thinkers, problem solvers, creators, winners, team players, and dreamers filled with hope in what the future holds for them. If you possess any of the following GAME CHANGERS qualities, we need you to become a part of our district:


*Charismatic *Innovative *Passionate *Enthusiastic * Encouraging *Patient *Trustworthy *Respectful *Devoted *Effective *Creative *Partner *Purposeful *Loving *Collaborator *Creative *Mentor *Logical *Challenging *Humorous *Positive *Inquisitive *Strategic *Designer *Engaging *Kind *Focused *Unique


Please join us in our mission aimed at positively influencing the lives of those we serve by becoming actively involved in everything Rice ISD has to offer.



Amy Harvell


"Greatness is not a function of circumstance.  As it turns out, greatness is largely a matter of conscience choice." -  Jim Collins

To request more information:

Contact the Administration Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm

903.326.4287 Phone

903.326.4164 Fax

1302 SW McKinney, Rice, TX 75155
Administration - Phone: 903.326.4287 Fax: 903.326.4164
Elementary - Phone: 903.326.4151 Fax: 903.326.4900
Intermediate - Phone: 903.326.4190 Fax: 903.326.4620
High School - Phone 903.326.4502 Fax: 903.326.5042

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